Wyoming Breakout Journeyman NTI Representative Scholarship Announcement

The Wyoming Electrical JATC, NECA, and IBEW Local 322 and IBEW Local 415 would like to provide a scholarship for two (2) first year journeymen wiremen, who successfully complete the WJATC program, to experience the unique opportunities that the National Training Institute (NTI) can provide in helping to foster a career as a professional in the IBEW/NECA Electrical Industry. One participant from each local will attend NTI and participate in the Outstanding Apprentice (OA) track.

Description of NTI and OA Program

NTI is an annual week of training held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in late July early August, offering a variety of educational and training opportunities that meet the demands of the Electrical Industry.

There are countless opportunities why an electrical professional should attend NTI:

      • Learn new skills and upgrade current ones
      • Network with other electrical professionals
      • Meet with vendors and suppliers
      • Hear from experts in the electrical industry

The OA Group program is for outstanding graduates, entry level employees and individuals who have been identified as a future leader within the Electrical Industry.

This 40-hour program runs Sunday through Friday and is geared towards those individuals that will become leaders in the Electrical Industry featuring: team building, leadership development, hand-on activities, case studies and more.

Participants in this program receive individual recognition at the NTI Opening Ceremony, an Outstanding Achievement Certificate, and recognition awards from Electrical Training Alliance Training Partners.

Participants will have access to the Trade Show, giveaways, morning and afternoon breaks, daily continental breakfast, lunch and graduation ceremony.

Scholarship Award

Winners of this scholarship will have tuition, room, board and approved travel costs paid in full to attend NTI and if applicable, lost wages, reimbursed once a written summary is received by the Training Director about the participant’s NTI experience.

Two winners will be selected by committee, representing the Local 322 and Local 415 program areas and announced at the annual WJATC Breakout Ceremony. The winners must accept the scholarship offer within three business days. If the winners decline, the next runner-ups may be offered the opportunity.

The selection committee or Training Director reserves the right to cancel the scholarship for any reason. The selection committee members will not enter into any discussion or correspondence with applicants regarding the selection process.


Below are the eligibility requirements to apply for this scholarship:

  • Successfully completed the WJATC apprenticeship program and hold a Wyoming Journeyman License.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities as a journeyman wireman in the Electrical Industry.
  • Demonstrate support of the mission of the IBEW by having timely paid dues and through volunteerism and stewardship, elevate the moral, intellectual, and social conditions of IBEW members, families and the community.


Applicants will be required to address the following criteria that will carry point values to be scored by a committee. The maximum score possible is 120; the minimum qualifying score required is 90.

Criteria 1: Classroom Activities (Maximum 60 points)

                                    WJATC GPA

            60 Points          100 – 92%      

            50 Points          91 – 86%        

            40 Points          85 – 80%        


            (-2 Points) Each Class Tardy

            (-2 Points) Each Late or Failed Homework Assignment

            (-2 Points) Each Late Work Report

            (-5 Points) Each Disciplinary Action 

Criteria 2: Communication, Team and Leadership Skills (Maximum 15 points)

Provide examples throughout your first year journeyman experience of how you worked as a leader to accomplish a task, solve a problem or improve conditions.

Criteria 3: Volunteerism and Stewardship to Promote the IBEW Mission (Maximum 10 points)

1 - 5 Points

Provide examples of volunteerism in either the union or your community.

1 - 5 Points

Provide examples of being active in the mission of the IBEW to elevate the moral, intellectual, and social conditions.

Criteria 4: Future Pursuits and Promotion of the Electrical Industry (Maximum 35 points)

1 - 15 Points

Share something you would like to learn at NTI and how you would use the skills and information to further the Wyoming Electrical Industry.

1 - 20 Points

Two (2) Letters of Recommendation: (1) An electrical contractor on company letterhead (2) Another representative of the Electrical Industry such as a second contractor, foreman, journeyman or business manager. Both letters should state your experience and qualities for being a future leader in the Electrical Industry.

Application Process

During the final WJATC class, the applicant must complete the NTI Scholarship Interest Form. Then applicants will be given the NTI Scholarship Application April 2, 2018 and the deadline for submission will be 5 p.m., Tuesday, May 1, 2018.