Apprentices start at 55% of the Journeyman Rate in the Cheyenne area and in the Casper area. Generally Journeyman scale is from $28 to $30 per hour worked.

  • Cheyenne area (Including Campbell, Crook, Weston Albany, Laramie, Platte, Niobrara and Goshen counties)
  • Casper area (Including all remaining counties)

Apprentices receive raises based on hours worked and curriculum completed as shown below.

 Period % of Scale Hours Curriculum
1 55%  0-1000 Satisfactory Progress 
2 60% 1001-2000  Satisfactory Progress
3 65% 2001-3000 Satisfactory Progress 
4 70% 3001-4000 Sections 1,2,3 (1st Year Classroom Instruction)
5 75% 4001-6000  Sections 4,5,6 (2nd Year Classroom Instruction)
6 85% 6001-8000 Sections 7,8 (3rd Year Classroom Instruction)
Journeyman   100%  8001  Sections 9,10 (4th Year Classroom Instruction)


Health Insurance-Apprentices and their families participate in a comprehensive medical plan that is paid for by the employer based on hours worked by the employee.

Pension Plans-Apprentices participate in one pension plan during their first 2000 hours of employment and a total of four pensions after completing their probationary period. These pension provide for a very secure retirement for those who seek a career in the electrical industry.

Registration Fees

Registration fees include cost of books and training. These fees vary from year to year but are generally quite small. Fees average around $200 per year of curriculum. The WEJATC strives to keep training costs as low as possible for our apprentices.